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Who are the Boston Demons?


  One Fall afternoon in November 1997, six blokes met in the Burren Pub in Somerville, Massachusetts to form a football club. Most of them had not met one another before but a message managed to get around and the group met with the common goal of starting a club so that they could have a kick of the footy and a couple beers afterwards. 


  The individuals were Paul Whiting, Paul Clarke, Adam Mutton, Rob Burgess, John Roe II and Dean Jackman. After saying G'day to one another and getting the table filled with the first round of Guinnesses and beers, they proceeded to form the Boston Demons Australian Rules Football Club.


  This was the first Board Meeting of the Demons and at the end of the meeting a board was elected, a coach appointed and the first training session was scheduled. They decided to call the team the Demons because Darren Louttit (the newly appointed coach) once played with the Melbourne Demons, the oldest established football club of any code in the world. They reckoned it was fitting and they might also be able to leverage his relationship with the club and perhaps get a couple handouts, especially and hopefully some guernseys.


  Within the first few years of formation, the Boston Demons won back-to-back Division I National Championships in 1998 & 1999 and made it to the Division I Grand Final in 2003. During that span of dominance, the Demons produced top talent and a few Demons players were recruited to participate on the American National Team, the USA Revolution. Recently, Boston's very own Rory Smith was selected to join the Subiaco Football Club of the Western Australia Football League (WAFL).


  Currently, the Boston Demons along with the Boston Lady Demons compete in Division II with hopes of reaching Division I again soon. Just as we once did back in the 2000's.


  The players who make up the Demons are a wide ranging bunch, with a healthy mix of Australia ex-pats and Boston locals. From teenagers to fifty year olds; we have lawyers, engineers, marketing execs, and military members, just to name a few. Basically people from all walks of life who are interested in learning a new sport, making some new friends, and ultimately competing for a national championship.


  New players are always invited to join us at any training throughout the season. Knowledge of the game is not required. Most of our current players began only having experience in traditional “American” sports. Our senior players and coaches are excited to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to play Australian rules football.   



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